Design Workstation

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This was replaced before 2017 sometime with the CNC_Surface_Laptop

Design Workstation

Basic Info

  • Ownership:
         Hardware Owner: Brian Wennberg 100%
         MasterCAM License: i3 Detroit 100%
  • Location:
         CNC Shop
  • What it looks like:


Manufacturer Information

  • Make/Model:
         Dell Optiplex 755


not specified


Any software installed on the machine must be cleared with the Area Coordinator first. The idea is to keep this machine as clean as possible and focused on CAD and CAM


not specified

Other References

not specified


Please apply OS patches as they become availible

Things that Need to be Done

         Add a Mach3 post processor to MasterCAM
         Add a LinuxCNC post processor to MasterCAM


none yet </includeonly>