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EL Wire Class Notes

Images: Lady Ada did a very nice write up with pictures. http://www.ladyada.net/learn/el-wire/

   What is EL wire how does it work?
       it’s not a closed loop!
       it’s all blue-white on the inside.
       you will need copper tape and a gentle touch when stripping the wire
       “standard” EL connectors that lock in place vs. my home brew connector
       they say “it’s not meant for outdoor weather”.  I think there talking about the inverter
       Replace areas that will flex a lot with stranded wire.
       Life expectancy. It will get dimmer over time. no one has definate numbers.
           15,000 hours (625 days) of continuous running.
           6 hours a day leads to ½ brightness after a year.
       60-120VAC 200Hz - 2000Hz... it stings if you touch bare wires. Don’t do it!
       Length ratings the P3 can run 1-20 feet off of 2 AA batteries
       Battery life - varies by length and brightness
           I have gotten 6+ hours in the EL Cowboy Hat (7-8 feet)
       That high pitch wine... yeah we are stuck with it.