Flywheel Energy Storage Unit Meeting 07-11-2015

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7/10 - 7/13/2015 Meetings

Fundraising Effort

Current funds raised and pledged $1400!!!

Hit List

  • Awesome Foundation Grant, rough drafted, need more detail
  • Indigogo: Communications, video, pitch writing

Maker Faire Detroit 2015

  • Communications (Konrad, Ken)

- Tri-fold Posters, one for EDSFUND other for i3Detroit - EDSFUND poster to show our project, grant information, science regarding flywheel batteries

  • Cool Cube Project (Derek, Tom, Ken)

1) 3D modeling done

2) Acquire raw material (1.5 x 1.5 6061-T6 bar)

3) Cut prototype manual mill

4) Cut another prototype on CNC mill (?) with custom EDSFUND engraving and Pen Holder

  • Flywheel Battery Demonstration Exhibit (Ken, ?)

- DC motor has been purchased - Acquiring parts for flywheel: scratch built weldment? car wheel? something heavy needed for ultra low RPM energy storage for safety