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Clark Forklift

Model Number - GCS25MB, Type - LR

Serial Number - G138MB·679·6831FA


  • Nathan Warnick
  • Jim Kemp

The forklift is currently functional but needs some love. Below is the list, as well as is known right now, of what needs to be done.

To Do

  • Brakes: was low at one point, brakes were extremely soft, brake fluid was added back in august 2013... air was possibly trapped in lines as they remained soft for quite some time. Haas was delivered in october and brakes seemed ok.
  • Update this page to the proper format and maintenance records.

Note: There's a battery maintainer on the forklift now, it belongs to Nate B. Just unplug it before driving away, and plug it back in when parking the machine for a while.

  • Fuel: Propane, can be refilled at a local propane refill station, 11 & i-75 Uhaul is where it was filled last.