HOWTO Be Vice-President of Activities and Classes

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When a Vice-President will miss a Board/Member meeting, best practice is to inform the Board email list. That way, the group knows to not delay the meeting waiting for everyone to arrive. It is not necessary to provide an excuse. It is also considerate, before taking a break from the work you are doing together with your colleagues, to briefly inform them, so they know to move forward without holding up deliberations.


e-mail: or or (deprecated)

When Should You Contact This Officer

  • You want to do some kind of official organized shindig at the space.
  • You want to help with some kind of official organized shindig at the space.
  • You have questions, comments, or feedback about some kind of official organized shindig at the space.
  • You have some sort of knowledge about something and you need some help and encouragement to teach a class about it.
  • You ran a shindig and want to give a quick status report.


  • Facilitates the teachers/organizers of classes, workshops, events, etc. at i3Detroit (collectively "shindigs")
  • Assists with the logistics of holding shindigs
  • Part-time gofer as needed for the shindigs
  • Encourages people to hold classes to share their knowledge and talents with everybody else
  • Stewards the educational mission of i3Detroit
  • Increases the sense of community at i3Detroit

  • Classes
    • Promote public classes at i3Detroit
    • Encourage members to teach classes
      • Help encourage first time Instructors to teach about a favorite topic
      • Try to attend Instructor's first class to help out and moral support
    • Help members promote classes
      • Setup Eventbrite postings, write i3 blog entries, and create Facebook events and posts
    • Help run classes
      • Help find assistants for the instructor
    • Maintain the i3 Calendar
      • Create calendar events for workshops, classes, and other events
    • Help to coordinate class locations
      • Work to resolve location conflicts
    • Schedule classroom time with the Classroom Zone coordinator
    • Report monthly to the board about classes and events currently planned and recently completed
    • Manage the training fund budget
      • Used to purchase tools and supplies for classes
        • Instructors are not required to purchase supplies and tools themselves
        • Eventbrite fees and class donations are used to replenish the training fund
  • Activites
    • Help members plan and run activities there are not classes
      • Movie nights, guest lectures, product demos, etc
    • Organize and execute the New Year's Eve Dance party
      • With theme

Setup and Promote PotLock

  • Handle or delegate scheduling of PotLock.
  • Coordinate tasks for the same.
  • Coordinate purchasing of supplies using PotLock budget.
  • Coordinate food for everyone who shows up.


  • Report month to the board
    • Number of classes scheduled for the upcoming month
    • Completed classes for the last month
    • Attendance info
    • Income from Eventbrite and donations
      • Gross/Net revenue and where that went (to materials, the instructor, or i3)
    • New instructors