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  • Ordering Tee Shirts 2013, Greg Smith POC

The 2013 order was based on using a prior supplier to reduce or eliminate any set-up charges The supplier lived in New Boston which is around I275 and I94 which turned out to be a little bit of a hike to pick up the shirts as shipping them would be expensive.

  • Detemine the quantities and color

The 2013 order we based the ordered quantities on a count of 25 of each color and each size. Since there were some size/color combinations on hand we did not need to order 25 of each. The quoted price of just under $5 for the basic sizes (XXL and womens always cost more) would allow us to Charge $10 for all shirts and still not take any loss. We thought that a reasonable price to charge members. We first inventoried the existing shirts on hand.

  • Material

we made the decision to purchase 6.1 oz cotton material on the shirts so they had some body and retained their shape. We used a standard men’s tee shirt so styling was not a big issue

  • Styles

In 2013 we decided to add women’s styles to the order. The supplier sent me several different designs, I did not receive much input as there were not as many women as we have today. The stylized form fitting shirt was selected based on the little input we received.

Lessons Learned

  • Get more of our women involved in selecting styles and sizes.
  • Requote the order to look for a closer supplier while factoring in the set-up costs.
  • Keep the member cost at $10
  • Black is the most popular, but survey members for a light color as some have indicated a slightly darker would be preferred next time.
  • Check on had quantities prior to making the order.
  • Check with members to see if a few special sizes are required such as the XLTall.

2013 Supplier

R.W. MacPherson Company 37540 Dale, 
New Boston, MI 48164 734-654-2690

  • 2013 Invoice

File:Invoice 2013 Tee Shirts.pdf

2015 Edition

Justin Triplett sent out a survey and with the results asked the board for money to purchase a number of shirts of this design: