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2011-06-07 Meeting started at 7:30.


  • Need to adopt new bylaws for non-profit app
  • Vote will be called Real Soon Now

Parking Tickets:

  • Check the large project area to make sure you don't have a project there with a ticket on it!
  • Unhandled ticketed items will disappear at some point
  • You can get a parking permit to 'legally' have your stuff there

Web Group:

  • No recent progress


  • Contact e-mail address isn't cutting it; web group is setting up a ticketing system.
  • Roger is investigating different systems; if you know of any good ones, contact Roger.

RBC Update:

  • Warroom will be set up at i3 to help team in NY.
  • Contact Nick Britsky or Aaron Dubin to volunteer/help.
  • Dry/practice run planned to make sure it will work (either next weekend or the following weekend).


  • Can use more help; talk to Ted to volunteer.


  • Update your info to make sure you don't get removed from the members' mailing list.

MakeLive Video Taping:

  • Tomorrow night, 5 minutes.

Board members present (not that it matters much ): Eric Merrill presiding Ross Smith Ed Platt Paul Kerchen

Meeting adjourned at 7:37 PM.

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