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2011-08-16 7:35 meeting called to order nobody apparently on voicebridge? odd echo

Eric discusing elections Ashley: term? Eric: one year, when do winners take office? Ed: Umm. Eric: Apparently, first tuesday in September to first tuesday in September!

Eric/Ed: Why split structure of offices, 501c3 habits Nate B: Why not outsiders on our board? Eric: Technically open, vote will decide, but more practical if candidates are members or regulars.

Election held September 6th. Absentee: Vote will be open 72 hours before the Sep 6th meeting, will close at the meeting.

Hans nominates himself as Treasurer but not director, gonna look into directors' liability insurance

Serious issues to be considered by new board for instance, expansion into next-door space this is important, responsible people please run!

nothing else? adjourned!

then mario's Lakes of Fire presentation

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