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This page is to list your desires out of a membership database application, so that we may survey the group and see if we should buy a new one and what should we buy. Here are the rules:

  • List Benifits not features. "I want a car that goes FAST" is a benefit. "I want a car with a big engine" is a feature. List benefits and we can analyze how well products satisfy benefits, without regard to a particular detail.
  • Put your name on the list and number your list.
  • If someone has said one thing you agree with, repeat it and site their number. i.e. Terry's #7.
  • You have $100 to spend. With each benefit listed and described by you, please note how much of your money you will spend to get it. $100 total.

That's it. Thanks

Terry W's List

1) 12 month stability - $15 - Have it work for me for the next 12 months just like it worked yesterday. Realize that any new app will NOT satisfy this need axiomatically.

2) Long Term Stability $20 - After it is im place, doesn't stop working/change for me, over the next 5 years unless we, as a group, explicitly ask it to change.

3) Maintainability $20 - Once it breaks and I cannot use it like I did yeaterday, it is easy for me to find someone to fix it within a few days.

4) Ability to access it from my home - $20. Self explanatory.

5) Transaction from Paypal/Amazon go into the app automagically. $15.

6) Creates list of overdue member emails. $5.

7) Can add a $$ transaction manually. $5

8) Can get a report for conditions on a day in history. i.e. Report on the way it was on Aug 15, 2015, for whatever reports.

9) Hold all $$ transactions and give current balances. $5

10) $5 held in reserve.