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What is it?

A fake valuable award that you earn by doing certain tasks at i3detroit.

How do I get one?

  1. Pick one from the list below
  2. Follow the directions

Did you do it? Great! You should let everyone know. Why don't you...

Put it on your UserPage

Once you have met the critera, add the following to your Userpage:

{{MeritBadge | NameOfMeritBadge }}

Create a New One

Not happy with the current crop of MeritBadges? No problem. You can create your own on this very wiki by using the {{MeritBadgeDefinition}} Template.


To create a new MeritBadge called RickAsley:

To earn this MeritBadge, you must:

* Never give i3detroit up
* Never let i3detroit down
* Etc.


List of MeritBadges

See all the existing MeritBadges here: Category:MeritBadge