MetroMode Photo Essay 2012-06-04

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This is an attempt to catalog the captionless photos in [1].

In the table below, "time" is the time-remaining as displayed in the article slideshow.

Time Space Subject(s)
4:11 OCD? ?
4:04 OCD? steampunk gun?
3:56 OCD? superheroes?
3:49 ? welding
3:40 ? wood shop
3:33 TechShop string instrument
3:27 i3 Detroit SWiT's beer growler organ
3:20 i3 Detroit tent at Maker Faire SWiT's beer growler organ
3:12 i3 Detroit Dustin and the ammo-box radio
3:06 i3 Detroit Dustin and the ammo-box radio
2:58 i3 Detroit The kitchen door with vinyl decor
2:51 i3 Detroit Cabinets with vinyl and other stickers
2:43 i3 Detroit "makers do it with tools" sign in metal shop
2:34 i3 Detroit our makerbot
2:27 i3 Detroit our printrbot
2:18 i3 Detroit Vinyl "gotta go" stickers near the bathroom
2:12 i3 Detroit Nerf arsenal wall
2:07 i3 Detroit Dustin's ammo-box radio by itself
2:01 i3 Detroit "E.T. phone home" vinyl on column above audio mixer
1:53 ? metalworking tools, mill clamp kit
1:46 i3 Detroit Sean's superstretch Power Wheels body
1:38 i3 Detroit Electronics room wall-of-parts
1:31 i3 Detroit "this whole shelf is now the graveyard"
1:24 i3 Detroit Lego-minifig propane tank
1:16 i3 Detroit Sean on the chassis of his Power Wheels car
1:09 i3 Detroit Sean test-driving his chassis
1:02 i3 Detroit Dustin with his Power Wheels (being built for ???)
0:55 i3 Detroit Dustin with his Power Wheels
0:48 i3 Detroit Sean and others at the grill
0:40 i3 Detroit Sunset over our building, garage door banner
0:33 i3 Detroit Matt O's lightbar in the electronics room
0:26 i3 Detroit Commons area folks hanging out
0:19 ? Corellian / Millennium Falcon diagram
0:11 TechShop Jason and ? at the drill press
0:04 i3 Detroit Outside shot: i3 Detroit, 1481 Wordsworth, Keep calm and hack something