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2010-07-13 Special Board Meeting 2010-07-13 in attendance: Ted Hansen, Nick Britsky, Russ Wolfe, Ed Platt, Matt Switlik


   * one quote back so far.  Westfield insurance company.  they offer an artist crafter insurance program.  we don’t quite fit into it but they put together something to cover us.  $87 per month.
         o x3 old coverage. with building coverage
         o school trades or vocational insurance.  for classes
         o 1 million liability per occurrence.
         o 1 million personal liability
         o 150k fire liability  
         o no owned and hired auto. 1 million liability
         o terrorism insurance
   * we owe nothing to state farm at the end of coverage
   * motion to go with westfield quote
         o russ - yes
         o nick - yes
         o ted - yes
         o ed - yes
         o matt - yes
   * motion passes

free class certificates

   * $50 was donated via paypal to get ‘someone’ a free class.
   * contest for free classes?

membership gift certificates

   * goes active when they pick up a key card.
   * a proposal will get written by nick and brought to the group.
   * we had requests for this type of thing around last holiday season.

Maker Faire T-shirts

   * we ask people to wear an i3 shirt of some sort at maker faire
   * tshirt, polos, and to be designed bowling or pit crew shirt.
   * will the club will put up the initial money for shirts? Mentioning this to the group.
   * In the future we may ask for a marketing budget for tshirts, stickers, brochures, buttons, etc. this will be brought up with the group.  That way the board can make sure we always have marketing stuff on hand in a day to day operation manner.

Maker Faire membership promotion

   * goal of 50 new members
   * a sign up incentive?
   * X many new members we get a “laser etcher” or some other tool?
   * X many new members we get  the space next door?  that would allow automotive.
   * credit card processing at the faire via iphone etc... discussion.

how are capital purchases going to be conducted... discussion.

   * financing? writing propositions to companies.
   * end of this year we should have money to buy some big tool.

when do we shut off keys?

   * 1 min after midnight?  think about options. to be discussed with group.
   * we need to get all the board members the ability to activate and shutdown keys.
   * set the shut off deadline based of the % of members that pay by X days.

make an effort to thank members for there work.

   * engage member ship.  free swag.  wall of photos. mail boxes.

annual vote proposal

   * russ is working on it.
   * start encourage people to run for the board.

Lease agreement.

   * a scanned digital copy needs to be made.

Motioned to adjourn passed

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