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Regular bi-monthly members meeting: Feb 3rd 2011 - delayed from the 1st due to weather

Acting President: Ross Smith

Acting Secretary: Brad McMahon

Started: 7:36pm

Locked out next door Neighbor

-- Eric just locked them out with Ziptie and a lock: There I fixed it

Fire extinguisher

-- for the halon once you exhausted it leave the room
--- It will give you a headache if exposed
--- Unless you have excessive exposure it won't kill you
-- Red strips and red arrows designates fire extinguisher
-- Let the group know if you used any of them
-- Don't leave stuff in the walking paths 
-- Laid out with tape


-- They keep misreading our meter
-- we are around our estimate for 2 months an they charged us a fraction
   a month.
-- turn on the fans when you run the heat


-- looks like we spend $150-$200 a month
-- The service isn't in our names so things get complicated so were not really sure if were on the hook for our usage or not

Lease neighboring space

-- 10k sq ft
-- rent the space at our current budget isn't really in the cards
-- we are looking for sub leasers to fill out parts/most of the space.

-- poll came down to a indecisive list
-- keeping the original logo

Standing Rules

-- Board is drafting up rules on project, objects being created or brought into the space. Still in their first draft so nothing has been made official.

Working groups


 --- Finally had our meeting with an accountant. Got most of our answers and can now move forward quickly.
 --- Ed will be giving a summary of the meeting that answers many of our questions
 --- the expedited IRS online filing process is delayed until 3rd qtr


 --- Karen made an awesome electronics sign - Kudos 
  ---- wants to make more signs in other areas.
 --- Signs have started to appear through out the space, please read them


--- we are out of PR material 


--- We are aware of twitter being busted, Brad is on it

Large Projects

-- Trailer
 --- Working with some sponsors to help finish the trailer
 --- Goal is to be finished by May

Plasma cutter

 --- it's moving forward, no cutter yet but has a control board and a computer
 --- Russ might have a lead on a cutter head and tig welder 


 -- Joe will be adding  2 6-tube fixtures, and rebuilding a couple two tube lights

Snow Plow

 -- Our landlord plows our drive, so if you see him say thanks

Fire class

 -- The front area needs cleaning, large project storage will be emptied for the duration of the event
 -- Again all fire class activity will take place outside

Doc Update

-- Ross is having some trouble with getting in contact with electromagnate
-- Last talk we had with them was 2 weeks ago
-- raised $17k to pull this off


-- Let's keep up the good work
-- Cabinets might show up in the e-room

Mailing List


Punch List

 -- punch list is static 
 -- tabled for the next meeting


-- we currently pay $45 the new service is $75 ( it's 15 /2 ). 
-- Vote: 
   We Resolve to switch our service to WoW ( wide open west)
   Whereas we will upgrade our service at a cost of $75 / month
   For the purposes of meeting our growing interment needs.
   Ross Smith called the vote, Seconded by Eric Merrill
   Eric, Ross, Trevor, Brad Ted, Ed, Paul, Matt, Steve
  Nate B. votes Neh


 -- Check the calendar for upcoming events

New Business

 -- Salvage party:  will be scheduled with Nate B is town

Call to end the meeting: Ross Smith, Seconded by Eric Merill

Ended: 9pm

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