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Chair Justin Triplett

Action Item Review

Budget Zone

Miter Saw

  • Wood Shop needs a blade for the miter saw - cost $110
    • Do we need a vote for that?
    • Consensus is no.
  • Treasurer said anything zone expenditures under $200 per month is ok for now.
    • We are currently reevaluating the i3 accounts, and the dues income isn't as high as was projected in August.
    • Money saved on budget items does not stay with the zone for other expenses - the money goes back to the general i3 fund

Kiln Zone Repair

  • Kiln Zone on re-budgeting consumables - Terry W.
    • Costs of operation and use of consumables change a little every year
    • Unexpected repairs are sometimes necessary, Kiln zone needs to repair some bricks
    • Can budgeted money be used for repairs in lieu of the original plan for the money, i.e.
      • Delay the purchase of new tools?
      • Divert funds mean for consumables?
    • The Board needs to weigh in on reclassification of funds for larger expenditures - Mark Miles.
      • We need to have a more serious discussion about this later
      • Discussion of diverting funds is closely related to other issues with i3's accounting and records of i3 assets
      • Consumables should be separately budgeted than repairs or other investments
  • In this case, the Wood Shop is seeking to use consumable funds for a consumable (miter saw blade).
  • Kiln zone repair re-budgeting is not necessary to handle tonight.

Zone Costs

  • Costs of using a zone should be measured by Coordinators and reported as a recommendation to members as a donation for using the area
    • Not for a particular tool, but for the use of the area - Mark Miles

CNC Zone and Floor Plan

  • Tool crib, robotics zone, and CNC Zones moved around.
  • A new wall and workbench-whiteboard area has
  • Board is responsible for maintaining the floor plan
  • We bring this up in case there are any issues with the new layout
  • In the past things have been moved around; do first ask forgiveness later
    • Is this ok? - Justin T.
    • If it's a question, then maybe it is a bad thing. -Nate B.
      • What happens you do something and don't get forgiveness.
      • The board should tell you to undo what you did.
  • Current procedure in bylaws? standing rules?
    • This may need to be more clear, in the bylaws or standing rules.
    • Any one board member may approve changed to the floor plan
    • Actually, we already have a clear definition of the process standing rules

Johnny Franklin Gizmo

  • Weird pneumatic gizmo donated, and the guy wants a tax receipt for it - Nate B.
  • See donation the form on Wiki here
  • In regards to the budget, we need to document the process for donation receipts because they need to be recorded as assets at fair market value
  • This will be important for our records in case of an IRS audit
  • Determining fair market value
    • Anything above 5000 or 50000? needs to be appraised?
    • Goodwill takes boxes of stuff without requiring value
    • CNC could not be tax-deducted because it's value was depreciated by the previous company of ownership

Laser Ducting and Equipment Documentation

  • Member spent money for the ducting and helped install it
  • They would like to remove the ducting if they leave
  • Andrew M will be installing a new ducting and a new vent system - Nate B.
  • Laser cutters would be down for an indefinite amount of time
  • Equipment loaning form - Terry W.
    • This is how we're supposed to manage it
    • We haven't been using this and that's a problem
  • When is that happening? We don't know, if at all.
  • According to Wikipedia, parts connected to the building structure are fixtures and legally part of the building.
    • We could legally keep it if we choose.
    • We don't want to piss people off. Is it worth it?
  • No equipment documentation exists for the vacuum former.
    • Is it owned by i3?
    • This should be clarified
    • How do we do that?
      • Forms about original donation?
  • No one can ever use a tax-deducted item to their personal benefit

Solicited Donations

  • What is required for organizations that solicit funds
  • Questions?
    • Does any one have an idea of i3's status registered with the state as a charitable organization
      • We are 501c3 Federally, and registered as a non-profit in the state
      • Charitable organization is a separate form
      • State website for looking up charitable organization registrations does not list i3, however it is not definitive.


  • Does i3 want this to be an official i3 project?
  • We would need to be able to pass an audit to do this
  • We currently do not have standards for our accounts or safety - Mark Miles
    • This place would change so much to meet requirements of being auditable that we would not like it anymore
  • If we can show that we would not be responsible for an audit, then consensus is that we should make Stratocube an official i3 project.

Online Metrics

  • To improve our credibility as a group of technically skilled people - Matt Oehrlein
  • To protect the world from devastation, to unite all peoples within our nation...
  • So that people could put i3 on their resume, and at least locally, have it be something positive and valuable to a potential employer
  • Lets measure this by web metrics
    • Goal of trying to double our Google analytics score by one year from now
    • Improve Facebook reach score
  • Ideas for a better way?
  • If you have ideas come to Matt. He may or may not do them depending on how much help you're willing to give and how hard it's going to be
  • Things that help
    • Showcasing!
    • Blog posts of new projects - what are all the cool things that we do
    • Meet the member posts - show how talented our members are
    • Documenting projects is important to let people know how awesome we are
  • There are other people who are professionals at PR, talk to them, there's more than just improving the i3 website - Terry W.
  • Is there any concern that member posts may give the impression that i3 is full of super hackers and that it might discourage people who are new to hacking? - Matt Oehrlein

Motion to Ban Mario C.

  • Continuing by email
  • Personal items owned by Mario that are in the Wood Shop or other areas of the space
    • Find a member liaison who can communicate to Mario and work this out
    • No problems unless the liaison has an active member supervising
    • Clarification: We do not want Mario to return to i3, the liaison will do that.

Matt on the Podcast

  • Matt made us look great with what sounded like 3 drunk men on the podcast. - Maddy Winans

Action Items

  • Dave Scholl and Mark Miles - send a message to Coordinators to clarify how budgeted money for consumables should be spent.
  • Matt Arnold - Present a new floor plan next month to represent the changes made for the new CNC machine
  • Mark Miles - look into how to determine fair market value
  • Maddy Winans - Contact Nate Warnick to determine ownership of vacuum former
  • Nate Bezanson - Do something with the Home Depot Account
  • Scott Richardson - Call up MI state to check that i3 is registered as a charitable organization, and if not, get i3 registered
  • Scott Richardson - Clarify whether we would be auditable if there were any official Stratocube affiliation
  • Konrad Brown - Post documentation of the board vote on the Motion to Revoke Membership for NW.


  • Justin Triplett
  • Matt Oehrlein
  • Adrienne Patterson
  • Maxwell Gonyea-Alexander
  • Madalyn Winans
  • Konrad Brown
  • W Scott Richardson
  • Terry Wynn
  • Paul Deathos
  • Matt Arnold
  • David School
  • Gary Morin
  • Ryan Cunningham
  • Devin Truscott
  • Mark Miles