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Agenda for Fundraising Committee - 2019-03-10


  • Paul Lee
  • Lew Dennison
  • Jan Henry
  • Vivian Sanders
  • Melissa Gilchrist

Committee function

  • Not raising funds directly. Overseeing & supervising others doing the fundraising. Allow for others to get involved and spread out the work. Various target activities could be headed up by various people, all coordinated by this committee.
  • Every subcommittee should involve a main committee member as liaison to the main committee.


  • Crowdfunding for specific equipment/zones
  • MEDC grant
  • Grants
  • Donations
  • Events
    • <blank>athons with a designated theme, sponsored by others
  • Short term vs. Long term
    • Short term: targeted, such as zone or equipment specific
    • Long term: space wide, major improvement projects
  • Advertising quid pro quo
  • Sponsored activities with donors names attached

Start thinking about audited financial statements

  • Someone to get quotes from CPA firms who will audit non-profits.

Next Steps

  • Meet once a month
  • Create an email list for outside meeting discussion (fundraising@i3detroit.org)
  • Slack channel for fundraising & grants does exist
  • Proposed meeting is 6:30 on the first Tuesday of the month, so next meeting is 2 April.

Pending board approval of the committee, officially start the MEDC Public Spaces Community Spaces Patronicity campaign, run by Mel.
Moved by Paul, Seconded by Vivian
5 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS

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