Minutes:Maker Faire Meeting 20160417

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Maker Faire 2016


Joseph is leading

  • Meeting to plan this will happen soon


  • Try to get an ice cream truck to show up

Decorations/Space Prep

  • Lights outside over the driveway
  • Make another donation vacuum for the bar


  • Joseph will make alcoholic
  • Nonalcoholic?
    • We have the pop fridge - move that by the bar?
    • LOTS of bottled water
    • Coffee cart - Dana


  • Ask about in HF book
  • Flier - Mike


  • Really need help in this area


  • 14 to 20 feet
  • Reserve early
  • Moving blankets
  • One for the whole weekend or one each day?
    • Last year one each day worked pretty well


  • Walls
    • Ask for 3
    • Make sure to follow up with HF
  • Want to coordinate this on our own instead of people submitting their own projects
    • Wrist bands need to be coordinated internally with
  • Is anyone making a large project?
  • Does anyone have project-specific concerns for being outdoors?
  • Could do a small indoor area for delicate projects
    • Minimize this
  • Project signage - Dana will make
  • People with projects vs people to talk about projects
    • Good for new members
      • Make sure there's an FAQ available for the talkers
  • Google doc spreadsheet for volunteer schedule
  • Document planning/schedule details on website/wiki
  • Contact for projects/management
    • Kevin wants to organize the art area
    • Jamie and Dana will do this for everything else
  • Demonstration activities in the tent?


Task Taskee
Confirm walls with Shauna Charlie
Investigate audio system Jospeh
Project guideline page (deadlines, timelines, points of contact) on wiki Nate B
Advertise party to Hackaday Joseph