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Meeting Minutes of 06-09-2009


Oak Park Library, Oak Park


  • Ted Hansen
  • Russ Wolfe
  • Nate Bezanson
  • Ed Platt
  • Matt Switlik


Electronics recycling event

Moved Fundraiser to Saturday July 11th.

Russ to email Tommy if date change will work for still using the parking lot

We need to have someone right a press release and put it out there to spread the word.

We need someone to put a flyer together for the event.

We need to come up with a plan for advertising.

We need to set pricing next week for recycling.

Russ still working on sponsors and getting more items.

We can use silicon alley for some of the recycling.


We have lost contact with a few sponsors who are no longer responding.


Liability Insurance will cost us around $300 - $350 per year for a 1 million dollar policy


Nate was able to get most of the By-Laws completed we reviewed as a group. Made some changes after discussion. Nate was to post items that we need to clarify with a lawyer before voting on them.

Ted was going to see if he could have a family/friend lawyer answer these questions.

Intellectual Property questions

We decided to put into our By-laws that all project rights are owned by the individual or group that is working on a project and that i3 Detroit has no rights to all projects.

Point System for space communities

We discussed the option of putting together a point system for individuals to earn points to help pay for member dues, pop, etc... when an individual provides extra effort at fundraisers and shop up keep.

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