Minutes:Meta Floorplanning Committee Meeting Minutes 20190214

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Agenda for Floorplan Information Gathering Committee - 02-14-2019

Call to order



  • Emily L
  • Aisha B
  • Mike F
  • Jamie B
  • Charlie R
  • Mark F

Committee Timeline


  • Finish survey to get floor planning details and help new champions think about their prospective zones, send it out
  • The week after: Talk to ZCs and people known to be interested in starting zones if they haven't responded.
  • Process results: if multiple people proposed a zone, point them at each other, if non-ZCs submit anything, show the ZC what was suggested

Wishy washy:

  • Board says which zones to deal with?
  • Figure out how to make floor plans, do that
  • Show floor plans to everyone, have members talk to ZCs if they have issues with zones
  • Modify floor plan
    • Discussion about limiting rounds of revisions
  • membership vote to support floor plan

Finish the survey

We need to finish the survey at https://docs.google.com/forms/u/2/d/1DNRqPUj7dikX_c_RHli4MKww9dkM8FKtpEDRe6r5MOE/edit?usp=drive_web

This will be most of the meeting, judging by the minimal discussion of the questions in slack.

How do we want to talk to ZCs/champions?

Survey is a good starting point but it won't capture all concerns people have.

  • Members will be doing it in small groups to ask more messy questions and verify that survey questions were answered as intentioned.

What does the report to the board look like

Just a one or two page overview of zone concerns for each zone?

  • Essentially a specification for a zone and a sales pitch for that zone.

How does i3 put all these requests together into a floorplan?

Once everyone has the summary of the survey process and zone concerns, everyone starts making plans, then how do we come to consensus? https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Consensus_Process

  • It will be an iterative and messy process and we will worry about it when we get there.

The general consensus for the next steps is to

  • Gather survey results
  • Start collating proposal based on survey results
    • Including collating of people
  • Talk to ZCs about questions
  • Verify everything with the proposers

Investigation of a grant proposal for architecture software

  • To be discussed on slack
  • Thanks Emily
Motion to Adjourn
Moved by Charlie; Seconded by Mike
6 Ayes / 0 Nays
Result: PASS