Minutes:Meta Floorplanning Committee Meeting Minutes 201903-07

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Agenda for Floorplan Information Gathering Committee - 2019-03-07

Call to order



Mark F Emily L James O’D Frank A Jamie B Charlie R


Emails to get summaries finalized

  • Get emails finalized!

Plan for how to make floor-plan

  • Should we have asked how
  • Discussion of process blocking zones
  • TODO - Place regulated zones on maps to city and then call the rest general shop space
    • The map submitted to the city becomes a research tool.

Make new zones sigs Gathers members sig delivers deliverables submission to board - by 4th Tuesday of this month decision!

Action item - Board - provide context to infrastructure vs SIG spending

    • Agreement that roger’s zonecoordinatordeliverables process is a good idea to follow **

Advise the board to form a new committee to deliver a floorpan that is constrained by the fllorplan deliverables document. This committee shall be available to general members for input and this proposal shall not preclude other complete floorpans that are made to specification in the floorpan deliverables document.
Moved by Jamie, Seconded by Mark
4 Ayes / 1 Nays
Result: PASS

Action items for next meeting

   Board - provide context to infrastructure vs SIG spending
   Mark - email to coordinate coordinators. Make HAPPY!
   Roger - Edit zone coordinator deliverables
   Mark - Advise the board of our recommendation to make THE NEXT GODDAMN COMMITTEE.


Like 10:00

Deliverable List

  • Survey Summary
  • Floor-plan evaluation metrics
  • Floor-plan approval process
  • Schedule/timeline?

action items from last time