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PCB etching THIS IS NOT COMPLETE YET!   Authors:  nicksen782

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What is PCB Etching? Using a chemical to etch specific areas of a copper-clad board in order to make an electronic circuit.   Neat Software Eagle is probably the most well known software for PCB design but there are some limitations on it.  The biggest issue is that the free version is not licensed for commercial use.  Basically, if you decide to sell a PCB that was created in any free version of Eagle then you can't.  Not legally anyway. Reference:  http://www.cadsoftusa.com/downloads/freeware/ HOWEVER, we DO possess a copy of the professional version of Eagle which DOES allow commercial use.  (Need to find:  Where to access it?) I have used two other PCB software titles.  The first one that I used was PCB Express which I found very easy to use although its file format is propriatary and not easy (if even possible) to export to another program such as Eagle or the formats that most software titles use.  Also, there is not an auto-routing option so you'll need to route each trace on the PCB yourself in the software.  PCB Express does allow you to print your design and allows for 2-sided designs.  If you are new to PCB etching and just want to get the job done fast or don't care about the features that you may be missing then try out PCB Express.   The other software title that I have used it Ki Kad.  Ki Kad requires you to start with a schmatic and then allows you to turn it into a normal PCB design.  In addition, it has a virtual 3D view that allows you to see what your completed circuit would look like.  Ki Kad has its own auto-router and also integrates well with the free router service.  There are no limits to the dimensions of the board and your design is allowed to go commercial if you so choose.   Transfer
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