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One of OpenSoda 's long time goals has been to make a modified bar bot that will make one cup of soda at a time with a user costimized flavor mix. We are calling this RoboPop. So the user would walked up to RoboPop and there would be a touch screen with a list of choices...

create new flavor

dispense existing flavor

if the user hits create new flavor, he can select from x number of flavors, how many "units" of each flavor, what colors and how much of each. then what type of sweetener(sugar or splenda), and perhaps level of carbination(which may or may not be possible). it will then make one cup of this new recipe. once the user has a chance to sample it, the user has an option to save flavor(and name it and describe it), modify formula, or return to start.

if user choose to dispense existing flavor, he will be showen a list of all the existing flavors and options to mofiy the list. he can choose by user feed back rank, elminate some flavors, or search for sodas with a certain type of flavor. once he chooses and a cup of the flavor has been dispensed, he will be giving options to vote on the flavor, modify flavor, or go back to start obvious error checking of levels of syrup, flavors, and other elements will of course have to be done before making a cup so far, no work has been done. if you'd like to help contact Blasted Bill Putt