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Editing Rules & Stuff Working Group

Meets on first thursdays wednesdays at 19:06 at

Changes from current

  • It's readable
  • All actual business must be on the agenda for any meeting 10 days in advance (legally)
  • Rename suspension to probation to better convey the intent
  • Move board elections to june, because there is legal paperwork due in october and more time is better
  • Requirements to be a member:
    • Email: This is how we currently do it, this just formalizes it

Future Changes

  • Do we allow rapists/pedophiles/murders?
    • My two concerns are
      • People feeling safe
      • i3 not getting known as "that place that harbors pedophiles and rapists"

Open Items

Documents to Add

  • Non-discrimination policy
  • Data privacy policy
  • harassment policy needs updating
  • code of conduct

Stuff to improve

Draft Documents

Rulesets for Reference