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This SIG is now a Zone! See Kiln Zone for current information

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Special Interest Group - Kiln

SIG Kiln is dedicated to all the uses of the Kiln and the Kiln Zone.

It includes a list of members of SIG Kiln, Coordinator's Log, Supervisor/Master tests and ratings, KilnZone Rules and general questions among the group. If you are using or interested in future use of the KilnZone, please add your name to the list and check back from time to time.

Kiln and Glass Casting Classes

Starting 5/29/13 We will have Kiln Training and Glass Casting class almost every Wed at 7PM-9PM for the foreseeable future. Members only. Bring your own mask, N95 or better. Materials will be supplied. No fee. No Walkons. Sign Up by editting this wiki. About 5-6 members per class. Classes Lock down at 5PM of the day prior.

5/29 Class 7PM FULL/CLOSED

Matt O

Matt A




6/5 Class 7PM OPEN



Mike F [and possibly wife]

Tony K


6/19 Class 7PM OPEN

Devon T

Chris P

6/26 Class 7PM OPEN

Justin T

SIG Kiln Members

Terry W. - Coordinator - Trainer

Marie-Therese Enga

Coordinator's Log

5/7/13 - Kiln 1 with the Programmable Controller is operational.

3/4/13 - Kiln 1 is Operational. We have Safety and Use Rules for Kiln 1 in the SIG Kiln page on the wiki. Most of the Programmable Controller is finished. The Relay Box is completely done. The Temp Probe Mounting is almost done. Roger is working-on/testing Arduino. When the Arduino is ready, the Controller is done. Note: Kiln 1 does NOT have a KilnSitter, and as such can not use Pyro Cones. Also, I as Coordinator ask that you don't run the Kilns without becoming a Supervisor. That is simply done. It is only a quick familiarization with the controls and Rules, including Safety. Contact me to get cert'd. As members join/start to use the Kilns we will post who is knowledgeable in the various Kiln Arts so you can use them as a resource.

3/2/13 - Kiln 1 is Operational. Roger and I are working on a programmable controller usable by either Kiln. John has offered i3 a contribution of another Kiln, Kiln 2. Kiln 2 is for ceramics and has maxtemp of 2300F, whereas Kiln1 has a maxtemp of 1800F. The plan is to get the controller operational first, then get in Kiln 2 and use/store both kilns for at least 6 months and then make a decision if we will streamline to a single kiln.

Supervisor/Master System

The KilnZone will be using a S/M system for use of the Kiln. Ratings are given by the Coordinator after review. Definitions are as follows.

Supervisor - Member knows how to operate the KilnZone safely and knows the rules. Supervisor can teach a newbie to be a Supervisor.

Master - Supervisor PLUS high level of skill in one or more of the Kiln arts. Masters can teach skills.

How to Program the Kiln Controller

Ver 1.0

by Terry W.

Step 1) Turn ON controller with Green button. You should see the current temp in PV display.

Step 2) Push the SET button. You should see PASS in the PV display and 0000 in the SV display.

Step 3) Our convention will be > for the rightward arrow button, ^ for the upward and v for the downward, since I can't type that one. Use >, ^, and v to type in 2000 and hit SET.

Firing Schedules.

You will see in books on glass, things called firing schedules. They look like this:

You read that as a set of instructions:

Ramp up the temperature from room temp to 1250F at a rate of 300F per hour.

THEN hold 1250F for 30 minutes.

THEN ramp from there to 1420F at a rate of 300F per hour.

THEN hold it for 30-60 minutes.

THEN ramp as fast as you can from there to 960F

THEN hold it for 90 minutes

THEN ramp at 50F/hr to 800F

SKIP holding it.

THEN ramp at 100F/hr to 600F

THEN turn it OFF and don't open the kiln until Room Temp (No Venting).

Your Kiln Controller needs to be programmed in a series of steps. Each steps has 3 attributes, C,T,Sv. So your list of instructions will look like







Let me define what each of those are.

C is the PID setting we use. We always use PID#1, which I have preprogrammed into the controller. Please do NOT change PID#1.

T is time, in minutes. More later.

Sv is a target temperature in F. I believe Sv is short for “Set Value”. And Pv is Present Value....of what you are trying to control, in our case Temp F.

So from our example

C1=0001, T1, Sv1=0070 (room temp)

C2=0001, T2, Sv2=1250

Now Let me explain what T is. T1 is supposed to be the time (in minutes) we are telling the controller to get from Sv1 to Sv2.

So our programming looks like this:

C1=0001, T1=240, Sv1=0070 (room temp)

C2=0001, T2=30, Sv2=1250

C3=0001, T3= 60 , Sv3=1250




Note that I am rounding to the nearest half hour because kiln work isn't that fussy ...until you get to Pate de Verre, which is not covered in this lesson.

Once you have put in all steps, scroll up to END and hit SET. This enters your program. The controller will keep it, even if switched off.

Once programmed, you can

1) Make sure the Thermocouple (yellow plug) is plugged into the yellow socket (check polarity).

2) Make sure the data signal (blue cat5e wire) is plugged into the Controller and the Relay Box.

3) Make sure the Relay box is plugged into the wall and the circuit breaker is set to ON.

4) Roll the cart OUT of the cage.

5) Make sure the top of the kiln is plugged into the bottom.

6) Make sure all 3 knobs are set to 10 (or to 11 if you are a Spinal Tap fan).

7) Make sure the Kiln is plugged into the Relay Box.

8) Turn on the Controller with the Green Switch.

9) Hit the > key and you ???

KilnZone Rules

1) I3 KilnZone training is required to operate KilnZone equipment.

2) When not firing, all private materials and components need to be removed to member's storage. The metal rack is for PUBLIC materials only.

3) Only use normal KilnWash for PUBLIC surfaces. No Boron Nitride.

4) Clean or apply KilnWash or Boron Nitride OUTSIDE. No Exceptions. ALWAYS use a mask. There is a KilnZone mask in the box of Kilnzone Tools.

5) When using glass powder and other materials of 200 Micron or less, use a mask. And don't work near other people.

6) Do Not open a working Kiln unless you are the current user or there is an emergency.

6) If you are using a Kiln and need to leave the building, Make sure Your name and cell # is on the KILN IN USE Whiteboard and the Kiln In Use Side is outward.

7) Do not put cardboard or paper in the cage. Plastic is OK if more than 18" from the Kiln.



1) If needed call 911.

2) If possible and effective, turn off Programmable Controller with green switch.

3) Else, if possible turn OFF Kiln 1 by turning all 3 knobs on Kiln 1 to ZERO. You should hear a click and see the red light go out.

3) To contain fire, if necessary, use the fire extinguisher located at KilnZone.

4) Call current user at the cell number located on the clip board on the gate of the KilnZone.

SIG Kiln Events


Member Questions

Post your questions to the group here:

Q: To the group, please comment on the Rules.

Q: Marie, what types of projects do you want to do with the Kiln?