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SlackTwit is a python script that uses the TwitterSearch and Slacker libraries to accomplish one goal:

"regular posts to a Slack channel of the recent results of a Twitter search"




  • SlackTwit is installed on Skynet as a git repo at
  • It logs to
  • SlackTwit is configured as a cron job, like so:
0 * * * * date >> /var/log/SlackTwit/SlackTwit.log ; 
    python /usr/local/bin/SlackTwit/ 2> /var/log/SlackTwit/SlackTwit.err >> /var/log/SlackTwit/SlackTwit.log
  • The .err file will only show the most recent error, that should be sufficient.
  • The .log file will just show date information and tweets actually sent, it will need to be pruned annually or so?
  • SlackTwit requires use of Slack and Twitter keys that are expected in a local private module.