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Project lead: User:Agmlego

This is a dead project given the acquisition of the Rostock MAX. This page is here for reference only.

This is a large delta-platform 3D printer. If finished, it may move into the Fab Lab, potentially replacing the Makerbot Cupcake.

Some system information live on my project website for it. (Following a hardware failure, this information may never be available. Make backups and test them!)


  • Seriously large-format (~15"T x ~12"L x ~12"L) 3D printer
  • Triple extruder design for multi-material (or multi-colour) printing
  • Heated bed/build volume for more consistent parts
  • Potentially additional sensors for better filament control



  • Write/adapt code for delta platform
    • Sprinter may support it now, whether the ARM port of it for 4pi does is unknown.
    • Supposedly, Smoothie will eventually run on the 4pi, and already supports delta motion.
  • Write code to drive third extruder and hotend.


  • Wire everything
  • Repair/replace hotbed PCB
  • Design PCB for third extruder/hotend


  • Mount electronics
  • Mount hotbed
  • Construct extruders
  • Mount extruders/hotends/Bowden cables



  • Encoders on filament, with strain gauges for precise volumetric control
  • HMI for standalone control and operation
  • JIT slicer with environmental awareness?