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i3Detroit & University of Michigan School of Social Work Pilot Project is a Special Interest Group that provides intense hands-on instruction in how to manage/coordinate a "maker-room" for sponsored locations within Detroit Public Schools and neighboring communities.

The primary focus of this pilot project is to provide a foundation for Junior, Senior and Graduate level Social Work students to participate in a first of its kind pilot-project pairing UM School Of Social Work with i3Detroit Maker Space.  This Pilot will allow students from the UM School Of Social Work to acquire maker skills that will be used to introduce makerspace concepts and projects via the creation of a "MakerRoom" within approved, designated Detroit Public Schools and Community Centers. This pilot is being deployed inconjunction with the President of i3Detroit and UM School of Social Work.

Point of contact: Vivian A. Sanders

Pilot Goals - i3/University of Michigan SSW

  • Add Social Skills, English, Art and Small-Scale Manufacturing to current (S.T.E.M.) curriculum to form (S2.T.E2.A.M.2).
  • Work with Social Work students to add “maker skills” to their Social Work portfolio
  • Take their acquired “Maker” skills and Social Work background into Detroit Public Schools to introduce (S2.T.E2.A.M.2) in an in-school “Maker” initiative designed to assist youth with educational, social, and making skills.
  • Provide a road-map for all Detroit Public Schools who desire the “MakerRoom” concept as part of their learning curriculum. 
  • Make (S2.T.E2.A.M.2) a viable initiative for Detroit based Community Centers.

Questions - about U of M SSW Project SIG? Contact me at: taptapclick@gmail.com

Meetup Times/Dates

  • TBD