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Real Name Leora Druckman
E-mail Address

Board Member: 2015-2016, 2016-2017

Authorized to use:

Trogdor (Kiln)

Certified Trainer on:

Trogdor (Kiln)

Contact Info

Name: Leora Druckman|Leora M Druckman

User Name: LeoraD|Leora D|leora d|Leora|leora

Email: See CRM

Cell: See CRM

Website: None.

i3Detroit Roles

  • Former Board Member 2015 - 2017
  • New Member Mentor
  • Jewelry Zone and Kiln Zone Co-Coordinator

Jewelry Zone Page


  • Creating and Maintaining the Jewelry Zone
  • Improving and Maintaining the Kiln Zone
  • Developing a basic jewelry and metalsmithing classes for i3Detroit
  • Jewelry Making
  • Learning how to use i3Detroit Equipment and Tools
  • Kiln Glass Experiments
  • Building a Workbench
  • Making stainless steel kiln molds
  • Making layered jewelry with the laser cutter


  • Process Facilitation (i.e. visioning, brainstorming, conflict resolution,, etc.)
  • Training (developing and presenting)
  • Writing (letters, documentation, training, PR stuff, surveys, resumes, etc)
  • Data Distillation (taking large amounts of information and creating useful summaries, including pattern recognition)
  • Excellent Google Fu
  • Bargain Hunting (new and used)
  • Optimizing Use of Small Spaces
  • Jewelry Making
  • Kiln Glass Art
  • Fabric Painting

What I want to Learn/Work on with You

  • Get to know who you are, understand what is important to you and learn something new
  • Learn how to use every piece of equipment at i3 - starting with jewelry making, laser cutters, kilns, welding, the wood shop and metal shop.
  • Helping out the group with my writing, organizational, training and other skills
  • Partnering on any of the above projects with people who share my interests

Other Activities/Interests

  • Spending time with my husband, wonderful nieces and nephews, friends and other family and family-by-choice
  • Sleeping and Caring for my Health
  • Chronic Illness Activism
  • Human Rights
  • Nature Walks
  • Theater, music and other cultural activities
  • Art and Crafts
  • Singing
  • Aviation
  • Travel (when I am able)
  • SciFi/Fantasy
  • Real Science Articles
  • Learning something new


  • PhD studies at the University of Michigan School of Information in Information Technology and Human Interaction
  • MA Labor and Industrial Relations at Michigan State University
  • MA Educational Technology at Michigan State University
  • BA Telecommunications at Michigan State University
  • BA Interdisciplinary Studes at Michigan State University
  • Theater Studies (scholarship) at Wayne State University
  • Misc. Workshops and Certifications at a bunch of different places


  • 15+ Years of Organizational Development and Training including 7 years at 3M and 2 years running my own business.
  • Working with a wide variety of organizations creating self directed work teams, facilitating: brainstorming, conflict resolution, visioning, strategic planning, and other small and large group processes, writing and presenting training, developing online courses, crafting competency definitions and improvement plans, creating, administering and summarizing surveys and focus groups, etc.
  • Working my way through college in retail, restaurants, landscaping, bartending, telephone interviewing, acting, video production, etc

Chronic Illness: Something I want You to Understand

As many of you know, I am dealing with a chronic illness. Sometimes this brings up questions that I hope to answer here.

  • The illness I have is an autoimmune vasculitis called Cogan’s Syndrome. It has destroyed all the hearing in my right ear and some of the hearing in my left. I may yet become completely deaf, but am taking medications to help prevent that. Cogan’s Syndrome also affects my balance (including bouts of vertigo), makes me very fatigued and has an impact on other organs and systems (ex. kidneys). My specific diagnosis is rare, but autoimmune diseases in general are increasingly common. Autoimmune diseases when taken as a group affect more people than cancer, yet only draw a small percentage of research dollars. These illnesses (including Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus, MS, etc.) collectively comprise an epidemic which has yet to be fully recognized and properly addressed.
  • I want to hear what you are saying. If I don’t answer you at first, try me again. If that doesn’t work, come up to where I can see you and/or gently tap me on my shoulder. I promise that I am not ignoring you. When we are talking and it is noisy, just make sure I can see your face. Standing on my left side will increase your ability to be heard. If I can not understand you, I may ask you to slowly repeat what you have said. Yelling at me does not work and is pretty annoying. If you call my name and say “I am here” I will have no idea where you are (I can no longer triangulate sound to determine location). Just give me specifics and I will find you (ex. behind you, in the Wood Shop, etc.). Thanks, if you can remember to do even one of these things, I will be most grateful.
  • I am not contagious. In fact, the opposite is true. The medications I take to control my illness do so by shutting down parts of my immune system. So, if you are ill or think you are coming down with something, please keep your distance. You are not being rude, you are, in fact, being extremely considerate. I can always wear a mask and gloves and work closely with you if I know they are needed. Please let me know. You may be saving me a trip to the hospital or from something worse.
  • If you see me at i3, I am having a good day. If you don’t see me, there is a high likelihood that I am home, sleeping. It’s hard for me to predict which days I will be functional. I used to be extremely reliable. Not so much anymore (certainly not my intent). Luckily, if you email or text me, I will get back to you as soon as possible. When I am ill, but awake, I can attend meetings electronically, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Last, but not least, I am not my illness. One of my favorite quotes is from my dear friend Walter after I asked him how he was dealing with losing both his sight and his hearing. He said, “First I found out everything that I can’t do, and now I just do everything else.” Peace.
  • Note: My involvement in i3Detroit has been reduced substantially this year due to the fact that effects of my illness and its treatment has left me primarily bed bound for the time being. I look forward to being able to participate more when I am feeling better. Feel free to contact me via email or Slack regarding any questions or concerns about about the kiln zone. Please try contacting Tanya Tkacz first regarding any Jewelry Zone questions. Thanks

More information...

Understanding Chronic Illness

Cogan’s Syndrome

Autoimmune Vasculitis

Autoimmune Diseases

  • A overview on Autoimmune Diseases from Dartmouth College: [1]

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