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PARKING PERMIT, wherein some of the group's shared space is dedicated to a specific project for a definite and 
limited term, and wherein the project's owner takes care to ensure that their use of such space is responsible.

Property description:
(If project belongs to a guest, it must be stored on their behalf by a member, who "owns" it as far as the group 
is concerned. It's okay to give *both* people's contact info below, in this case.) 

Owner's preferred contact [ ]email  [ ]voice  [ ]text
Owner's email:
Owner's phone:
Owner is a member in good standing (no overdue dues) [ ] on their word

Property will be stored in [ ]large project area or [zone].
Note that work surfaces, especially those marked "completely clear before you leave", cannot be left occupied! 
When in doubt about where something can be left, ask the warden.
Storage notes:

Permit issued on [date], valid until [date].
(WARNING: Upon expiration, property is in violation with no further action -- an expired permit is equivalent to 
a ticket, and may be disposed of according to the standing rules. Owner is solely responsible.)

IF END-DATE ABOVE IS WITHIN 4 DAYS FROM NOW, member requesting permit can self-certify by emailing with [permit] and a brief description in the subject line, and the above info in the 
body, and permit becomes valid when that post hits the list. Owner, sign and date below once you've made that post:

[member's signature] [date]

FOR STAYS LONGER THAN 4 DAYS, also have a zone warden, officer, or director review the next section:
[ ] Owner is a member in good standing, confirmed in the CRM
[ ] Time is written generously enough that no extensions should be needed even if a hiccup happens. Better to ask 
    for more time and not use it, than bother everyone again for an extension! (Default, 30 days.)
[ ] The i3Detroit calendar has been reviewed for events that may want the space, and organizers thereof consulted 
    if so.
[ ] Owner has the ability to remove the property. (i.e. if building a table, has a table-sized truck available) 
[ ] Owner understands that their stuff must be removed by expiration even if not complete at that time.
[ ] Owner understands that their property may be just plain thrown out if it's abandoned, and that it is their 
    responsibility and theirs alone to remove it by the permit's end-date. Owner really ought to make an entry on their 
    personal calendar to remind them as far in advance as they deem prudent.
[ ] If stored in a zone, zone warden [name] has been consulted or [ ] not, at signer's discretion.

[Director, officer, or warden's signature] [print name] [date]
(Coordinator may sign for permits in their zone, director/officer may sign for anywhere.)

Changes should be initialed by signing party. ALL WRITING MUST BE CLEARLY LEGIBLE.

For help, email, preferably before the permit is actually needed.