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Real Name Sabrina Good
E-mail Address
Slack Handle SabrinaG

Ceramics Zone Coordinator

Authorized to use:

Skutt Kiln

Certified Trainer on:

Skutt Kiln

Howdy! I'm really interested in creating new, fun and funky things. Maybe useful, maybe not. I work in the environmental sciences field and protect the water from chemicals and stuff for a living.


I love clay. Working with the wheel and kiln are where I will usually be at the space. I like shiny things and want to make shiny hanging things with the laser cutter. Hanging from ceilings or ears or whatever. I want to work on my leather skills in the leather loft. Welding and sculpture are cool, I'm interested in making funky yard things with metal. Sewing and embroidery heheheh


  • Environmental and Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Construction/Carpentry
  • I can change my brakes (I should really be able to put that on my resume)
  • Rejuvenating orchids that other people thought were dead


  • Keeping chemicals out of the environment
  • Plants (especially native plants and houseplants)
  • Fungi
  • Rocks
  • Druidry
  • Making pretty things
  • Natural Dying
  • Composting