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A working group to serve these purposes:

  1. To guarantee the good working order of the web technology that constitutes i3Detroit's official web presence. This includes regular backups, adopting a responsible security policy and ensuring that all members have appropriate access to web technology including i3Detroit's blog, wiki, email, web hosting, social media, etc.  Overall, to favor an open and inclusive approach that encourages members to use all these facilities with a minimum of moderation.
  2. To facilitate projects that involve web technology when members want to use i3Detroit's own web services, including web hosting and access to databases.  Resources will be provided within reasonable limits and moderated according to the security policy.
  3. To only adopt web technology that furthers the purpose of i3Detroit and which the members of this group can support (given personal bandwidth and technical know-how).
  4. To generally ensure the success of the aforementioned purposes into the future. This includes keeping adequate records that permit any member of the working group to carry out all tasks, educating i3Detroit's members in the technology they should expect to be available to them, and finding and training new members of this working group to allow it and the purpose it serves to continue indefinitely.

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