Woodshop 100 05-04-2024

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Summary And Links

We're doing a Woodworking 101 Class

This class will be help on Saturday May 4, 2024, and runs approximately 9am-4pm with breaks for lunch and coffee

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What will you learn

This class will mix be a mix of theory and practice of working with wood, covering

  • Fundamentals of working with wood, understanding pricing, quality, and common sizes
  • Types of wood, where to buy locally, and how to save on hardwoods for your early projects
  • Common saws and hands-on practice. We will cover miter saw, jointer, planar, table saw, and router table operation. Each student will get to adjust and operate each saw under supervision.
  • When to use each of the above machines, how to adjust for a given cut, and specific safety precautions for each
  • How to square wood using the FEE method, and why square wood is fundamental to all quality wood projects
  • Understand the role of jigs and hands-on practice with some jigs in the i3 woodshop
  • You will practice on your own piece of hardwood that you will turn into a box that you take home

Class Project

As part of this class, you will get to make a box that you take home. Boxes are a cornerstone of all woodworking, and constructing one will give you valuable skills applicable to your future projects.

Difference between this class and Cutting Board 101 class

This class is targeted at understanding the fundamentals of working with wood and operating the various machines. It is targeted at those who wish to do their own projects and building confidence in operating machines independently. The cutting board class is targeted at those who are less interested in the theory of woodworking, and runs at a faster pace to allow actual production of cutting boards.


Class fee is $50 for i3 members, $70 for non-members. Members are those who have undergone memberification at the time of the class and are in the i3 CRM. Money will be used to cover cost of supplies and remainder going to fund the woodshop.

What to Bring

  • Notebook to take notes
  • Snacks


Similar classes in the metro area run much higher, see for instance Intro to Woodworking at Woodcraft ($120)