An overview of membership changes…

i3Detroit has been adding members like crazy since the new rates went live! We’ve also had a lot of questions, so this post is to clarify some things. If anything is unclear, please post a comment.

New dues structure: The old one-size-fits-some $100/mo plan is gone, replaced with four new options:

  • Starving Hacker: Intended for students or the un[der]employed, this plan is for members in tight financial situations. $39/mo helps us keep the lights on, and gets you 24/7 keycard access to the space, full use of all tools, and free classes. This is a limited-access plan, available only to those who qualify.
  • Crafter/Coder: Inspired by feedback from programmers, artists, and a certain cross-stitch nut… If you want to be part of i3 but don’t think you’ll spend much time in the workshop, this plan is for you! Also $39/mo, this gets you 24/7 keycard access, and free classes, but not unlimited use of the big tools. You’re still encouraged to learn and use them a little, because once you get comfy in the shop, we bet you’ll step up to…
  • Core Member: Anyone who’s seen the rent and utility bills understands why dues were initially $100/mo, and why $89/mo is still the support we ask for, if you’re able. Gets you unlimited access to the space, plus a warm fuzzy feeling. Core members get voting rights at meetings, too.
  • Supporting Member: If you don’t need a keycard but want to support i3, name your own price! We’ll happily reserve you a seat in classes, if you’d like. Consider contributing to our Kickstarter! It’s an ambitious goal, and your enthusiastic support is what will help us reach it.

As you might have guessed, Crafter/Coder represents most of the recent influx. It’s a great way to get started as a member, and if you never feel the urge to upgrade, that’s fine! It still takes money to run a place like this, of course, but it’s fine (and better in the long run) if that support comes from a larger, more diverse group. Lower dues and a broader member base will help i3Detroit thrive as a vibrant, active part of the DIY community. Spread the word!

Easier membership: You no longer need to show up for a meeting or be voted in as a member. Tuesdays are still a great time to meet the group, but it’s now possible to do the paperwork, do the orientation, pay your first dues, and get your keycard in a single evening, any evening! Get in touch with any member to get started — or just drop in when we’re open.

Also, look forward to…

More Classes: As you may already know, we try to run a lot of events and classes. None of us (yet) are professional teachers, so this is a learning experience for everyone! With your help, we’re getting better at it, and we’re always adding tools and supplies to make more stuff possible. Look for our machining and electronics classes to continue, along with more craft make-and-takes, software workshops, et cetera. Non-members are welcome to teach classes too, so please get in touch if you have knowledge to share with the community!

New Space: The details aren’t finalized, but we’re moving. Moving into a much larger space. A much larger space with room for bigger tools. Bigger tools like a full-size Bridgeport mill. Also, a networking lab (think CCNA prep lab, but multi-vendor), expanded crafting space, probably a vehicle hoist…  This is big, look for the official announcement in a few days!

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