Pay it forward: Help another space buy a laser cutter?

When i3Detroit reached out for help with our moving expenses, our friends and family, readers and strangers, came through for us in a big way. The new space is awesome, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Now, a Florida hackerspace is raising money to purchase a laser cutter.  I have a hunch we can push them over the tipping point…

The space is dead, long live the space!

i3Detroit is in Ferndale now.  Keycards should work like normal at the new building.  Guests are welcome, as always, any time there’s a member around to host.  The twitterbot should be back up soon.

Thank you, everyone who helped out with the move.  Five round-trips in that truck was a phenomenal lot of work! Thank you, whoever invented the liftgate.  I can’t imagine how people moved pianos before its existence.  Thank you, Jim Ashmore truck and trailer rental, for having rates roughly half that of the national outfits.

Thank you, everyone who’s contributed to the Kickstarter so far!  Your enthusiasm can go farther if you encourage your friends to chip in. 🙂

Long day, short post. Exhausted. Feels good.

i3Detroit v2.0 Updates

Amazing, amazing, amazing, that’s all we can say. We have 13 days left and we are 60% funded on Kickstarter. Thank you so much for your help. Your support is why we do what we do.  We are almost at our goal.  If you haven’t pledged to make i3Detroit v2.0 amazing yet, you still have time to do it.  So do it.  Right now.  Seriously.  I am talking to you!

Just wanted to share a picture set with you of our new facility.  It has been posted once, but just can’t help but show it off like a newborn baby.  We are working with the city of Ferndale and will hopefully have our C of O in the next couple of days. Then it is on to painting, building and moving.

We spent this past weekend boxing everything up at the old space. It was a bit sad and nostalgic. But like our insightful Director at Large, Nick Britsky said “i3 Detroit is in here” (while pointing to his heart). And, yeah, he is right.

Thanks again and enjoy the pics.

i3 Detroit V2.0

So we are getting closer and closer to moving into our new space in Ferndale and oh boy what a space it is. With 8000 Sq. Ft. of space and lots to look forward to we thought we would share some photos from this past weekend. All photos have been taken by our very own Brad McMahon.