DIY Filmmaker Meetup POSTPONED: Now 10/14

CC-licensed by xTrish on Flickr

Do you lay awake at night waiting for i3Detroit’s event announcements?

Have you been tormented by the impending, but silent, approach of our next DIY Filmmaker Meetup?

Were you wrestling with personal commitments, trying to clear your schedule for tomorrow’s awesomeness?

Then fear not, dear reader, because you’ve been granted a week’s reprieve! The much-anticipated repeat of i3Detroit’s DIY filmmaker meetup will now take place October 14th, at 7:00pm.

Anyone involved or interested in the medium of motion pictures is welcome. If you bring samples of your work, we’ll show it. If you bring business cards, we’ll swap them. If you have a mouth, we’ll provide refreshments. See you then!

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