PCB Mill Dust Collection System

Recently, we discovered that the dust collection vacuum unit for our LPKF Protomat C30/S was leaking powdered fibreglass dust all over the under-desk cabinet in which it lives. This of course being unacceptable from a safety perspective (powdered fibreglass is not a carcinogen, but is a major irritant in general) and from a cleanliness perspective, we took it upon ourselves to figure out what went wrong.

It turns out that the machine had been operated for an indeterminate amount of time without pre-filter bags, and the filter had failed under the load of nearly 3mm of caked-up fibreglass and copper dust. D’oh.

So, a quick Google search yielded exactly zero sources for filters (but LPKF will sell you the bags, $35/5).

In true hacker spirit, this did not phase us at all. After all, how hard can it be to build a dust collection system from scratch?

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Metro Parent – BLAST OFF!!

Blast off to summer fun with this awesome family DIY project as Metro Parent teams up with i3 Detroit for some crafty good times!

Handmade Detroit: Craft Night – This Thursday at 7p

Join us for a casual night of crafting with Handmade Detroit and i3 Detroit – Thursday, March 24th, 7p – 9p. Bring whatever you like and hang out for a bit. Cupcakes provided, feel free to bring a snack or beverage (if you like)!. For more information and to rsvp if you like, check out the Facebook Event page!​php?eid=1895086​24418276#!/event.php?eid=189508624418276

DIY Filmmaker Meetup

Detroit area filmmakers are invited to the “DIY Filmmaker Meetup” this Thursday, Dec. 10th from 7pm to 9pm.

This is a networking event, for filmmakers of all experience levels to:

  • Meet your fellow filmmakers
  • Show off your current and past projects
  • Find opportunities to collaborate with your peers
  • Recruit cast and crew for your future projects

This event is co-sponsored by Silver Bullet Pictures and Made by Detroit and hosted by i3Detroit, a non-profit, community-based workshop for creative endeavors of all kinds.

Admission is free, but please RSVP here.

For more information contact: