Two i3 members selected as Real Best of Detroit

Real Detroit Weekly‘s annual Best of Detroit issue is out, and two i3 Detroit members are among those named — I’ll let the article speak for itself:

Best NOVELTY PERFORMANCE TROUPE – The Weird Sisters Circus

…”What Cheryl Willard, Irina Laura and Sarah Morgan do on those silken ropes is nothing less than a sublime balance of poetry and magic; three disciplined bodies amplifying the festive mood of a public event or three ethereal forms defying gravity before a rapt audience.”

The article doesn’t mention Cheryl’s recently-published book Feast Your Eyes, but it’s pretty cool too.

Best LOCAL ARTIST – Kristine Diven

“A renaissance talent worthy of a Renaissance City, Kristine Diven has managed to carve an admirable niche for herself since arriving in Detroit several years ago. An accomplished photographer, she reconciled the mirror images of time and beauty with her book Cathedrals of Decay.”…

It goes on to talk about the steampunk parties thrown at District VII.

So where would such artists go to practice, to brainstorm, and to broaden their talents? i3 Detroit, of course!

Also, a tip of the hat to “that other hackerspace” OmniCorp Detroit, who just got a cool writeup in the Metro Times. Cover story, even! Nice to see the media taking notice of all the cool stuff hackerspaces are doing…

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