Air Compressor

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Air Compressor
Name Air Compressor
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressor model R7.5i-TAS-135 with nodemcu (ESP-12)
Part Number Serial Number: CBV365001
Date Acquired 2015-01-04
Storage Location west side of machine shop, next to wood shop
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $8000
IP Address,
MAC Address 2C:3A:E8:1D:2B:50, 5c:cf:7f:bd:72:ae
Hostname air-compressor.i3detroit.local, infrastructure-compressor-valve
Documentation File:Product Safety 80446313.PDF

File:Product Information 80448483.pdf

File:Product Maintenance 80448517.pdf

One of the files (the parts manual) is too big to fit on the wiki, find it at [1]

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Turn on

  1. Press green button
  2. Wait for PSI reading to go above 75
  3. Open valve on wall behind compressor (towards wood shop) really fast
  4. Receive air

Turn Off

  1. Press red button
  2. Close valve on wall behind compressor (towards wood shop)
  3. Stop receiving air


  • cmnd/i3/inside/machineShop/air-compressor/POWER ON/OFF/QUERY
  • start/i3/inside/machineShop/air-compressor/POWER
  • tele/i3/inside/machineShop/air-compressor/INFO2

Maintenance Info

  • Coolant: INGERSOLL RAND Ultra Coolant. Like 250USD/5L
  • Coolant filter: INGERSOLL RAND 39329602
  • Air filter: 2 16x20x1 filters
the coolant should be at this level, after running for 10 minutes



Air Compressor Zone: Infrastructure "/>