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2011-01-11 Present: Eric Merrill Joe Bender Paul Kerchen Ross Smith Dennay Bedard Nate Bezanson

Kids in Space

  • Need to change bylaws to allow minors: parent/guardian must sign waiver.
  • Perhaps it would be more expedient to amend the bylaws as needed instead of waiting for full rewrite.
  • Need to investigate liability; make sure insurance covers minors.
  • What should policy be?
    • Hard to separate policy from parenting.
    • What to do about kids whose parents aren't members/present?
    • Maybe children under a certain age aren't allowed on shop floor?
    • Age-based rules are not practical.

What is policy for barring guests from the space?

  • Needs clarification: how long are barred members barred?
  • Suggestion from Nate: Any member can kick someone out; permanent status voted on at next board meeting.

What to do about the specific case of [redacted for privacy]?

  • One last warning.
  • Safety of members & guests is the reason.
  • Disruptive to other members is secondary but also important.

Awesome tool acquisitions

  • New member wants to move his laser cutter to space (48" x 30" cutting area).
  • Vaccuum forming table.
  • Move electronics storage from west wall area?
  • Build fablab area in west wall?

Power bill

  • Account is currently in name of defunct company.
  • DTE will probably try to bill landlord for back payment.
  • Need to get power bill in i3's name.
  • Possibly meter neighbor's usage and subtract his usage from bill?
  • Gas line runs next door and beyond.
  • Landlord is very reluctant to take on any binding agreements for anything.
  • Landlord is adamant that we get DTE energy bill in our name.
  • Don't do anything about power until the bills arrive.

Maker Faire

  • Need to start thinking about it.
  • Need Russ's and Nick's contacts.


  • Membership increases have tapered off: last four months membership numbers have not changed.
  • Member inreach: need to get members more connected.
  • Raise issue with Ed about possibility of modifying CRM to support "friend roulette"

Meeting adjourned 9:11 PM.

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