Dash Buttons

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Dash Buttons
Name Dash Buttons
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Amazon dash button
Part Number
Date Acquired 2017-2019
Storage Location Near the button's corresponding consumable item storage location
Authorization Required No
Status Running
Value $1/ea
MAC Address 44:65:0D:78:94:12, 44:65:0D:C6:E5:21, 0C:47:C9:7C:55:20, 0C:47:C9:ED:9C:46, 44:65:0D:68:38:C9, AC:63:BE:61:47:F5, 44:65:0D:4D:A6:0B, AC:63:BE:A0:4A:D4, 74:75:48:6F:3B:B7, F0:27:2D:EF:A8:A2, 0C:47:C9:A7:E7:A2, FC:A6:67:66:35:0C, B4:7C:9C:C2:8B:40, 50:F5:DA:9C:D5:DC, 78:E1:03:99:A5:BE, FC:A6:67:F3:FC:50, 78:E1:03:EC:1F:98, FC:65:DE:C4:12:04, 78:E1:03:A3:0C:68, 78:E1:03:24:5D:1B, FC:A6:67:23:52:A8, 78:E1:03:9D:1C:9D, FC:A6:67:BB:F6:FF, FC:A6:67:BA:2A:AD, 44:65:0D:DD:87:FE, AC:63:BE:A5:2E:22, 0C:47:C9:1D:C7:EA, AC:63:BE:15:B0:69, 84:D6:D0:70:63:84, 44:65:0D:AF:9E:3E, 18:74:2E:68:6E:FB, 6C:56:97:DA:8B:DC, 78:E1:03:37:A0:B7, FC:65:DE:7A:D5:2B, 44:65:0D:F1:00:4E

Documentation https://github.com/Nekmo/amazon-dash/tree/master
Other References


  • This script runs on McClellan watching for dash button presses and triggers Home Assistant scripts
  • Config file



Each button should be labeled with some kind of consumable (paper towels, plastic forks, hot glue sticks, etc) and stored where we store that consumable. If we are out, or almost out, press the corresponding button and a message will be sent to #shopping-list on Slack.

The buttons could also be used for triggering pretty much anything else in our home automation system if desired, however they are very slow to trigger once pressed (2-5 second delay).

Maintenance Info

To set up a new dash button:

  1. If there are still unused buttons in the config file, use one of those.
  2. If not, determine the MAC address of the new button (see the Amazon-dash documentation above).
  3. Modify or add an entry in the configuration file on McClellan (/home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/amazon-dash.yml). sudo access is required.
  4. Add a script to the home assistant config for the new dash button. Reload scripts in the Hass web UI.
  5. Press button and check for message in #shopping-list.

Runs via systemd

  • sudo systemctl restart amazon-dash
  • sudo journalctl -fu amazon-dash


Do the buttons automatically order anything?


Dash Buttons Zone: Infrastructure https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/images/Authorization_not_required.svg "/> https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Dash_Buttons