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Lets go to outer space!

Cubesat1.PNG Coiled rig.jpeg Spherical Air bearing.PNG


9-24-17 NOTE: Group has now pivoted to become i3 Aerospace.

We are a group at i3Detroit focused on developing and releasing open-source cubesat systems and testing apparatuses, with the eventual goal of launching the first Makerspace-based cubesat with active attitude control.

Our (non wiki) website is currently in development, along with how-to guides for the following ongoing projects:

  • Tuneable, and resistance-sensing Three-Axis Helmholtz Coil
  • 3D Printed Spherical Air Bearing with 1U Cubesat Mount
  • Magnetorquer test unit

Questions about DetroitSat? Contact us at

Our github is at

Meeting Minutes

2/16/2016 We are still alive, just not posting meeting minutes as often. We have built a 3D-printed cubesat frame, wound a magnetorquer, and built 3 axis helmholz coil for magnetorquer testing, as seen in the photo below. Media:Helmholtz.jpeg

4/27/2016 We have been very busy prepping for our talk at Penguicon. As a quick update, here are a few photos of our progress.




5/15/2016- The Penguicon Presentation went well, and we are now focusing on having a demonstrable model of detumble and active attitude control at Makerfaire Detroit.

We are in the process of building a second magnetorquer. Additionally, we are experimenting with using a commercial DC brushless outrunner motor to spin a reaction wheel mass.

This will help the team build knowledge of reaction wheels before we progress to flight-ready hardware. Initial lasercut mount is below:Motor Mount

7/16/2016- Our group is now busily working towards a table demo at Makerfaire Detroit. So far, we have 3d printed a functional spherical air bearing, and are both refining the helmholtz coil rig with a feedback loop, and using sensored quadrotor brushless motors for reaction wheels. media is below. We will eventually be posting plans on hackaday for each of these.

We plan to preset our helmholtz coil & magnetorquer cubesat mockup along with our new spherical air bearing at our table. Ideally, we will have our reaction wheel cubesat mockup ready in time.

Air bearing video:

Meeting Times

Please see i3 Aerospace page for updates.