HOWTO Change the Needle in the Husqvarna Designer SE

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Needles should be changed if you even suspect dullness; a dull needle can not only harm your project--strangely enough, it can also harm the machine. If the needle catches on fabric, over time the machine's timing cycle for turning the bobbin case can slow down. Eventually, this leads to the needle coming down when it shouldn't and hitting things.

If you'd rather not spring for a new needle, the existing ones can be sharpened using sandpaper.

General purpose needles will work for anything. However, some fabrics--leather and tricot stretch, for instance--come with recommended needle types. See the Husqvarna manual for details.

Needles live in the small box labeled "Husqvarna Accessories and Feet". That box generally lives to the right of the machine, near the thread rack.


Needle Change Procedure

1. Find the setscrew to the upper right of the needle. Loosen it; the needle will fall out.


2. Select a new needle and insert it. Use a screwdriver to re-tighten it.