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Home Assistant a home automation software hub for connecting many IoT devices together into one system (similar to, but preferred over OpenHab). Home Assistant OS is installed on the hassos VM on Hardac. Our old install of Home Assistant Core was on Mcclellan.

HOWTO Turn on the Lights using Home Assistant


  • The web GUI, select i3member from the User list and log in. Please don't throw a rave with all the light switches.
  • See our Grafana dashboards which visualize lots of the data generated by home assistant.
  • The home assistant config files are located on github
  • Our SpaceAPI info

Hass concepts, add-ons & utilities

  • Components are the IoT devices which communicate with and/or are controlled by Hass. Examples: lights, sensors, fans, switches, media players
  • Groups are the primary way to organize components, and they control how components are displayed in the web UI. They both organize components into UI cards and organize components and other groups into tabs in the UI.
  • Automations take triggers and conditions as inputs and cause actions, such as turning something on or off, or executing a script
  • Scripts execute a sequence of actions when called, often as part of an automation.
  • Notifications can send messages to various platforms which can include sensor values, component states, etc. Currently we mainly use notifications to post to Slack status updates, warnings when major issues occur (like the front door has lost power or devices have dropped off the network for a prolonged period of time)
  • InfluxDB is a time series database where home assistant logs all sensor values, state changes, etc.


The configuration is stored in a number of .yaml files, namely configuration.yaml and the many files/directories it includes such as automations.yaml, groups.yaml, scripts.yaml, and component-specific yaml files (lights, fans, sensors, switches, etc). Changes to config files often require a restart of Hass, or at least a restart of specific subsystems from the web UI.


See the github issue tracker.


mtfurlan has a root ssh key for the os ssh -i .ssh/i3-hass-root_ed25519 root@ -p22222 It takes like half an hour to turn on right now