MQTT Space Map

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MQTT Space Map
IoT map.jpg
Name MQTT Space Map
Zone Infrastructure

Owner i3Detroit
Make Model Raspberry Pi Zero W, WS2812b
Part Number n/a
Date Acquired 2017-10
Date Departed 2021
Storage Location Wall near entrance
Authorization Required No
Status Departed
Value $45
IP Address
MAC Address B8:27:EB:AF:F4:3C
Hostname mappi.local
Other References


Raspberry Pi Zero W that subscribes to lights, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, and other equipment via MQTT and displays their statuses on addressable RGB LEDs.



Maintenance Info

Can be rebooted by power cycling the moneysucker switch.


  • Numbering and naming are subject to change without update of this page.
  • Maps are close, but not perfectly dimensioned. Most fixtures are guesstimated, and no diagrams should be used as blueprints.


  • Build a prettier version once we're done adding things
  • Add tool crib H lights to the map, maybe move the other light as we physically moved it

MQTT Space Map Zone: Infrastructure "/>

Building/device layouts