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Task Name Description Priority Champion
  • Make sure the current one leaves (being taken back by owner)
  • Buy more heavy duty shear, brake, and roller
DoAll Vertical Bandsaw
  • Air pump/chip removal – fix pump or use shop air
  • Clean/refinish blade guides
  • Buy 3 rubber tires (prefer better material than natural rubber)
  • Write out/establish maintenance procedures and timing (i.e. oiling)
  • Fix roll pin in speed adjustment shaft
  • Buy and install ball knob handle for feed adjustment
  • Buy DoAll colored red and gray paint
  • Touch up paint on DoAll
  • Source blade stock
  • Buy padlock for lockout during service
  • Troubleshoot gear shift difficulty - verify conditions in which gears can be changed
  • Buy new blade brushes
  • Buy table guide
  • Buy part holders to use with feed chain
  • guides for blade welder (see Evan A., or Matt G.)
  • grinding wheel for blade welder
DAKE Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Clean out blade brushes
  • Clean out chip tray
  • Add fluid if low
  • Replace screws/bolts in switch box that is loose
Tapping Machine
  • Remove damaged screw stuck in collet
  • Replace screws with Allen head screws
  • Make/retrofit adjustable tap collet?
ACER Lathe
  • Purchase from owner to make “i3-owned”, or buy alternate lathe
  • Tailstock alignment
  • Additional gears for other threading operations
Powermatic Sander
  • Replace missing knobs
  • Find table for belt sander portion
  • Make exhaust work
  • Get new belts
Install cord reel above center bench 2
build new workbench extension to replace removed scrap bin
  • Bolt down two more tools there
  • Make sure there are shelves under it
Edlund drill press
  • install VFD
Fix exhaust fans 2
Belt Grinder
  • mount to base better
Surface Grinder
  • make plan for B&S to be done by new year's
  • better storage for surface grinder wheels
  • drill bits
  • taps/dies
  • under the arbor press bench
  • under the drill press bench
  • cart in the corner
  • metal mesh cabinet
  • shelf above arbor presses
  • long stock over everything