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19-- General Meeting Minutes July 19, 2011


  • Brad has agreed to take a break from his duties as Secretary.
  • The details are mostly private and will not be disclosed to the members.
  • Brad has not vacated the office; he is just taking a break.
  • At this point, there doesn't seem to be a pressing need to appoint/vote

a replacement. Duties will be covered by other officers as necessary.


  • The Chronotune was put in the dumpster as part of a prank.
  • There is no danger of peoples' projects being dumped without

sufficient warning.

  • Needs a little love to get it ready for MF.

Parking Tickets

  • Meant as means of spurring people into being responsible about large projects.
  • Meant to foster a spirit of cooperation, not confrontation.
  • Clock starts running only after e-mail is posted to announce- list; seven

days afterward, item can be removed, but only by board.

  • Board is responsible for removal; disposition of removed items is at board's


  • Members should bring overdue tickets to the attention of the board.
  • Potential legal issues for discarding other members' property.
  • E-mail to i3detroit-board@googlegroups or board@i3detroit.com.
  • Parking tickets are best avoided by getting a parking permit; give

completed permits to a board member for approval.

Maker Faire Prep

  • No truck will be provided by i3; members are responsible for arranging

their own project transport to/from MF.

  • Members will have pickup trucks and trailers available to help move stuff.

See Nick or Eric.

Maker Faire Party

  • Brad was spearheading party prep; unknown whether Brad is still doing it.
  • Electromagnate have prepared a 15 minute preview of their documentary that

will be shown at the party.

  • Will there be alcohol served? Probably should be.
  • MetroTimes is completely out of the picture, 'kind of overlapping with

our party.'

  • Rocco stepped up to take over party planning.
  • Should arrange an extra dumpster tip before and after MF.

MF Kiosk

  • Bill Putt has some extra kiosks to let i3 use.
  • Support for on-the-spot donations and membership sign ups.
  • Issuing a key wouldn't be possible.


  • eSigns will be sponsoring Power Wheels in exchange for a link from

the i3 website.

  • eSigns will also give us several signs each year.


  • Thanks to all who helped clean the space on Sunday. Yay!

Member Storage

  • Watch the mailing list for 'reaper' progress reports.
  • Next report will be some time this week; should be sent to announce list.
  • Reaper is primarily interested in unlabeled and oversized items.
  • At minimum, each member's shelf should be labeled.

Air Conditioning

  • Front office AC was broken; turned out it had blown a fuse.
  • Eric replaced fuse; doesn't seem to have larger issues.
  • If it blows more fuses, may have to notify landlord.

RedBull Creation

  • Seemed to be very popular.
  • Unofficially, i3 came in second place; cannot say that officially

though (eg, in press releases, etc.)

  • Ad agency got most stuff pre-approved, but RB changed a lot of

things when they came on the scene.

  • Came back with some nice tools.
  • Need to follow up on contacts made at competition.
  • Thanks to Rocco and Hans for supporting the team on-site.
  • Thanks to Detroit away team.
  • Our local RB rep sucks; Brooklyn rep says she'll make it happen.

Dake Tools

  • Makes metal-working tools.
  • Michigan-based
  • i3 fixed one of the RBC machines (drill press); Dake noticed

and will hopefully reciprocate.

  • Eric talked to sales reps, invited them to the space. They're

going to see what they can do for i3.

Tools, benches, floors

  • Clean up after yourself!
  • Don't leave scraps, project parts, trash, tools, etc. when you

finish for the day/night.

  • Nate B is going to start seriously pressing this issue; ultimately,

persistently sloppy members will be kicked out of the fun club.

  • If you use one of the heavy duty shop vacs, don't use a cord reel

unless it's a heavy duty reel (which we currently don't have).

Of Mice and Food

  • New rule: Open food may be tossed on sight.
  • Please use this rule judiciously; don't throw out food unless you're

sure the owner has left for the day/night.

  • Dustin still working to see if his father can help out.
  • Eliminating the mice is probably impossible.
  • Food stored in plastic containers should be okay (eg. Tupperware).

CNC Update

  • It moves!
  • Will be rewired so that it doesn't kill people.
  • Steve H. needs help to clean coolant tank.

Next Door Space

  • Landlord is interested in leasing the other side of the space to i3.
  • Space is empty; walls have been power washed.
  • May not have to lease the whole thing; there are a few different options

that may allow us ease into the space.

  • Fundraiser idea: kickstarter. Would like to get it going in time

for MF. Funding goal: $20-30K.

  • Kiosk would be a good fit.
  • Kickstarter may not be best vehicle for fundraising (due to the way

it works, may not get anything if goal is too high, not enough if goal is too low)

Craft Magazine Demo Slots

  • Looking for volunteers to man demo.

DTE Energy

  • Account is now (finally) in i3's name.
  • May be able to get a smart meter.
  • Nick knows the DTE smart meter guy; will put Joe in touch with them.

Motor City Haunt Club

  • Visited recently; members really liked the space.
  • Probably will get more members out of them.

Android Users Meetup

  • Will be cancelled due to proximity with MF.

Red Green

  • Time to get rid of it?
  • Keep head; mount over Joe's fireplace?
  • Need to talk to stakeholders (Nick, Aaron, Laurie, etc) before doing anything.
  • Sell parts/entire thing as a fundraiser?

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