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2013-07-16 I3Detroit

Regular Member Meeting

July 16, 2013

Start 7:30pm



Paul Anthony Kerchnsky

Gary Morin

Brian Wenberg

Adrienne Patterson

Marie Enga

Justin Triplett

Steve Nowiciki

Alex Bellak

Christopher Plastzer

Amelia Meyer

Terry Wynn

Tj Cook

Aaron Greenwell

Eric Merrill

Matt Switlik

Nathan W

Matt O.

Chris Allington



Dave Scholl

Devon Truscott

Ryan Ball

1. Introductions


2. New membership rates

New Membership rate - $49 membership rate has been introduced. Opinions are shared about ehat to do with the $39 membership.

Quorum— 8 voting members present

Should be $39 no more?

Strike it from the website—strike it from the rules?

Motion to abolish $39 membership for all new incoming members. $39 for current members paying this will stay until they change it voluntarily or the board decides otherwise.

7 yes and one opposed

3. Little Nate's Birthday

Happy Birthday songs were sung, he is 30 we love him. Hurrah!

4. Vision / Values report-out

Roger- we made a matrix that is should be and shouldn’t be and what members should be.

Roger goes over key points in the vision matrix.

Everyone agrees that this is necessary for i3 and Roger should post them to the Wiki.

(page is Vision.)

5. CNC Donation

Brian W- Brought it up at the last member meeting…we have someone who wants to donate a very nice old CNC machine. I met with someone to move it over here…it’s about $1400. The mill that would be donated is quite a bit larger and will not be able to fit where the old one is now. It’s double the length.

Discussion of moving the tool crib to make room for it; discussion of power for the machine; discussion of use for the machine.

Brian is looking just for some feedback before making a formal proposal.

6. Pallet rack proposal

Nate W- 1 pallet rack goes to the vinyl shop, the other will be on the other edge of the inyl shop and used for general member storage...etc.

$500 for two pallet racks Nate W. will champion the whole process.

Discussion of buying 1 vs 2.

Quality of the current member storage; storage overhaul.

Justin Triplett motions

Spend up to $500 to buy at least 1 pallet rack.

Second from Brodie

8 for motion carries for $500 for the purchase of at least 1 pallet rack. Allocated to Nate W.

7. Membership Proposal - Shared Tools Pushed until next meeting. see Terry for details

8. 40-watt laser update

Eric M- I got the power supply remounted laser is reassembled, someone needs to get a bucket and distilled water. It’s ready to go!

  • laser sounds are made by all*

9. The Verge wrapup - were they just here for the one day?

Matt O- The verge came they are a technical culture blog did a piece on it. And people came to show their projects. About 5 people showed up piece will be done in about a month or 2. I don’t know how big it is going to be.

Matt thinks Detroit is inspirational and awesome. Tech stories in unlikely places!

10. Last meeting before Maker Faire! Logistics:

Who needs help?

Group truck??

Makerfaire Afterparty – need help for cleaning etc.

11. Upcoming events:

Potlock August


12. Coordinator updates

Dav Scholl- old lathe is on the way out. Saw Stop is working great

Nate- eprom programmer hooray! No virus

Terry- Kiln everything is working we will start public classes in the fall! *hooray!*

Brian W- Re-maintenance on the mill to get it working – machine shop

Marie- compute zone orientation! Hooray! Come to the events! Yay digital things Yay clouds!

13. Budget process Q&A How this changed prior processes

Ted – any questions?

Eric- It’s only for zone wardens, right?

Rogers- No, it’s for anything you want to spend money on at i3.

Roger gives a brief overview of the budget; process—very clear and concise. Trying to make it as easy as possible for people to make improvements to the space.

Opinions are shared about how to use the budget process, pros and cons. What things should have a budget?

14. Machine Shop Proposal update

Brian W- Last board meeting my proposal for the parts in the machine shop was approved. There was $900 to set aside to purchase a Bridgeport style mill. I wanted to get some feedback on purchasing the mill that is already in there. Nick says he will take $800 for it.

No one really disagrees with Brian on this.

End 8:50

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