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2012-02-15 i3 Detroit: February 15, 2012, Board Meeting,

Start, 7:30pm, held in the electronics lab

Chair: Dustin White


Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Karen Corbeill

Kristine Devin

Ted Hansen

Rocco Marras

Eric Merrill

Matt Oehrein

Dustin White




Chem Lab Re-purpose Proposal

Dustin White – Discussion to tabled for the next general meeting.


Nate Bezanson – He will work on survey, a trial version will be sent out in the next couple of days. Tentative survey will be sent to Ted Hansen to look over and perhaps reduced.

Cluttered Space

Eric Merrill – At the next meeting, he will repeat the rules for the membership to remind members, create a flow-chart summary, and increase enforcement.

Snow/Ice Removal

Rocco Marras - Reminder to Membership, salt and and a shovel are by the door.

Racoon’s in the ceiling

Dustin White. - Will fix the eve


On February 9th, 2012, Keenan Lake resigned membership February 9, 2012. He has been found to have create nuisances to the members, despite numerous warnings not to.

Ted Hansen - Proposal: Ban Keenan Lake from i3 Detroit Votes:

Rocco M. Yes

Nate B. Yes

Nate W. Yes

Matt O. Yes

Dustin W. Yes

Motion Passes: Keenan is banned from i3 Detroit

Ted H. will (1) write the letter to Keenan, informing him of the ban, and return the remainder of his dues; (2) Inform the Membership of the ban via the mailing list; (3) Discuss any followup questions at the next membership meeting.

Board Members/New Member signup

Matt Oehrlein – We need to have every board member trained, it will happen after this meeting.

Camera Proposal

Dustin White - Will make the changes to the proposal, and present it at our next meeting.

Board Task List

Ted H. – Warnick installed Mantis issue tracking software; bug-tracking software. Ted is recruiting volunteers to test it out throughout the next week.

Ending Tiered Membership System

Rocco M. – Proposal. Have everyone close to real price of membership. Have everyone with a vote, old members are to be grandfathered in. Advantages, simpler accounting, buy-in, etc. Greater involvement from all of the members. For discussion purposes only, Not voted upon.

“Be excellent to each other” campaign

Rocco M. - We need to be nicer to each other, and put more stuff around that . Ted H. – We need more recognition for each other.

Personal Property Tax Form

Nate Bezanson – Will handle it.

Pseudo-Restricting New Member Signup Times

Nate Bezanson - For the time being, New member signup is restricted to Open Shop Fridays and after Tuesday night member meetings (1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month) Passed by Voice vote passed

Formal Vote: Kristine Diven, Treasurer

Edward Platt: Removed from Treasurer & Board, Passes by voice vote

Kristine Diven, Appoint as Treasurer, Passes by voice vote

Broken Furnace

Eric Merrill – Blower has a broken furnace, we need to have it repaired. Will look for a replacement motor and fix it.

New Guests/Members


New Business


Adjourn, 8:47pm

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