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2012-07-10 i3 Detroit Board Meeting, July 10, 2012

Start, 7:30pm, held in the commons

Chair: Matt Oehrlein



Nate Bezanson

Ryan Busch

Hans Chen

Kristine Diven

Steve f00f

Ted Hansen

Rocco Marras

Matt Oerhlein

Nate Warnick

Dustin White


Dues Survey Results

Matt O. – 3 weeks ago, we sent a survey request to have people talk about membership dues. Have the results shared them at the meeting. 36 people responded. Recommend we no longer pursue plans to revisit changing membership structure based on survey results.

Nate B. – (1) We should remove mention of never enforced tool usage difference; (2) a third type of dues, where members could get a tax-write off rather than a vote. Probably

Board Meetings: How to increase non-board attendance

Nate B. – Put on the list that let non-board members to attend meetings.


Nate B. – We have status, it’s official, are ‘about’ webpage says we are still working towards it, and we need a process to take in donations. We are doing a great job hiding we are a non-profit. We need a way to have take-in receipts.

Hans C. - Will create a form for getting donations, letterhead, etc.

Scholarship Process

Nate B. – As he recalls, there was an idea with the previous board to have an individual given a free month’s membership to do cool things. He will work on a document for a proposal later, Dustin offers to help.

i3 West, Pushing Vote to List

Nate B. – Eric was supposed to put the vote to the list, about i3 West. We’ll let Eric do it.

Ted H. – We should have something done by Sunday morning.

Camera Policy

Dustin W. – We have the camera policy, we need to have it put out. Let’s bring a vote to reimburse Nate B. for cameras he bought for the policy.

Nate W. and Dustin W.– Let’s get cameras for the doors.

AIGA Rebranding Update

Matt O. - It’s still happening, but they are concerned of a lack of adoption of their ideas. Their proposal is that once in a while, they do a 24-hour designathon with student groups. They recommend that they do this. Will share more with the general membership.

i3 West, Lease: Authorize Eric M. pending vote.

Motion, introduced by Nathan Warnick, to acknowledge that Eric M. is already authorized to enter in a lease for i3 West and if not, to allow him to do so. Motion passes by voice vote unanimously.

New Business

Vote for Funds – re: Matt o.3’s voting proposal

Ted H. - Votes must come and count from the secretary.

Hans C. - I ratify Matt's previous voting proposal to make it legitimate.

Adjourned, 8:03pm.

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