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2012-06-12 i3 Detroit: June 12, 2012, Board Meeting

Start, 7:37pm, held in the commons

Chair: Dustin White


Nate Bezanson

Hans Chen

Micho Detronik

Kristine Diven

Steve foof

Ted Hansen

Matthew Huber

Rocco Marras

Matt Oehrlein

Aaron Steele

Jennifer Steele

Nate Warnick

Dustin White


Membership Structure Revamp (Voting/non-voting)

Nate B. – Expressed concern that our dual-tier membership structure is creating a feeling among non-voting tier of second-class, feeling like customers, rather than members. $89/month membership doesn’t have a functional value. We should consider giving voting rights to $39/month members with anything additional as a donation.

Ted H. – Originally, the two-tier membership policy was created because there was a class of people that aren’t going to get to use the place to justify a full membership tier. A review of finances earlier in the year found that a half-half split of the revenues came from both tiers.

Dustin W. – We should table this question until we have survey in which we ask if the lower-tier members feel disenfranchised.

Nate B. – wants to eliminate everything but ‘vote’ for difference, between two memberships.

Ted H. – wanted to look at finances, and found it was half and half for membership types (revenue)

New Business

Family Member Discount

Jennifer S. – Wanted i3 to consider creating a family discount for additional family members. Invited to create a proposal, creating specific definition of family, that would be supported by the membership.

Nate B. – The current policy is that each member needs their own $39/month membership, and can bring in their own guests. That being said, for friendly guests, often other members will offer to sign someone in.

Maker Faire

Dustin White – We are hosting the official Maker Faire after party and we have until the end of June to get our flyer created.


We show up in their listing of non-profits!!!

Adjourned, 8:20pm

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