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2012-10-09 i3Detroit Board Meeting; October 9, 2012

Chair: Dustin White

Start 7:30pm




Roger S





Paul Kerchen

Matt Arnold


Dustin White


Nate B

Ed P (via Google hangout!)


Matt O.


National Day of Civic Hacking

Nate B. - Needs to be posted to the board

Karen C – I already did and got zero response

Dustin – Then the answer is no, are you trying to push it?

Karen- Yes, maybe? I thinK this is something that i3 could really get involved in

Ted – it doesn’t sound like there is a lot of interest in it

Karen – It is not until June of next year, they want to have us host something here? This organization is focused on solving problems much like those that can be found in detroit. People involved with this make inventions that are made to solve problems. I think we could come up with something that we could potentially solve.

Ted- Maybe we could talk about it when it gets closer.

Nate B. - Bump it on the list for more information

Harassment Policy

Dustin – was this not pushed? Do we need it put on the wiki.

Matt Arnold was supposed to post , need to find minutes where it was approved and get it published on the wiki. Maddy will post the policy with the minutes on Friday

Issues Review from Bug Tracker

Cleaning for i3 at i3

Ted- Cleaning for the i3 thing on Thursday. We just need to drag in the chairs from the other side [b Nektar]. We are well over 50 chairs.

Karen- Set up tomorrow?

Ted- they arrive at 5pm on Friday

Karen - who is receiving them?

Ted- I will be here

Nate B- I will be here later.

Ted- they want to meet as many members as possible. Can we throw the instructor $100? The class is going to make us a healthy profit. Is this something we have to vote on.

$100 approved to give to instructor

Karen- do we need a separate set up for food?

Ted- the kitchen will be fine

There are enough tables and chairs to accommodate all the guest that will be attending the lock-picking class.


Dustin – its about time for another potluck, we need somebody to announce it.

Ted- the 11th?

Potluck will be on the 11th of November– to be posted to the list and added to the calendar noon – ???


Dustin – three options; Rocco can sell us all the stuff, he brings it all back and we buy it all out, or we go buy it all ourselves with profits put in by members as they use it.

Roger- what is our record for people actually paying for the vinyl?

Adrienne – Something to take into consideration – we have $250.00 put aside for vinyl in our bank account.

Bacon – Some of it was a donation for a project, but originally was supposed to be used for the cutter, if it died we could just buy another.

Karen – should we give that money to Rocco?

Agreement from group

Dustin – Donation bins are all over the place – and I am not sure how the money is doing. Perhaps we should start putting everything in one location?

Nate- not sure people would follow thatwell

Karen- we should just get more locks for the boxes

Dustin – lets cut Rocco a check with that money, and then we can move forward with getting the vinyl station together,

Nate B- it would be great to have it by Thursday

Ted- will have extra scat from the i3 visit.

Dustin – we need to just be better about leaving money around

Ted – we need a locking mailbox. For the middle of the shop for donations.

Motion to authorize payment to Rocco for Vinyl cutter by Nate B. Matt Arnold


Dustin to pay Rocco with the allotted money for all vinyl supplies

Adiranne – looking at our books we have $400 allotted for the red bull trip?

Nate B. - we are well past the deadline for that – please remove that from the books

Mantis Tickets ran through

Camera Placements – Dustin

Plan for scholarships – Ted & Nate B

Establish Photo gathering Dump Location – Nate B & Ted (Nate realizes he has a halo in google hangout)

Nate B -What do we with photos we want to keep but not necessarily publish. (to be brought up on the list)

Guidelines for compensation for Instructors?

Ted- I think we need an outline for payments for classes/ instructors Assigned to Roger. WE need guidelines on how to host a class and how to charge/pay for it.

New members in the CRM – adding a mantis ticker to add new members to the CRM

Ed- that feature is done. As close as this weekend it will be available.

The CRM generates and email every time a new member was created that we could follow up to make sure that all of their new member orientation was completed. Member retention!

Adrienne- Can we do away with the “in progress” folder up front? I took the folder and put everyone who was in there into the CRM and completed the registration process.

Nate B. - we have issued 300 keys and we need to be keeping better track of who has them

Other business

Dustin - Is Nate Warnick in good attendance at the meetings?

' It is at the board's discretion to decide if someone on the board should continue to be on the board. '

Bank Account

Matt O- I am off the bank account

Adrienne – I am not on the bank account and still need to be!

Adrienne and Karen are to get with Kristine this weekend and organize who should be on the bank account.

Forklift status

Ted - Glen has championed that.--we need to find someone else to do it because Glen is unsure what exactly to do.

Revisit within the month.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Karen – I heard from Swit – and he is to write up a blurb about what he could do with Robot knife fight

Swit- From what I understand I am not allowed to charge or fund raise for i3

Ted- It might be worth asking if you can have a donation jar or something

Karen – propose it as a “donation” for the space.

End 8:10

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